Every student should be given an outstanding opportunity to achieve academic excellence

It is my belief that every student should be given an outstanding opportunity to achieve academic excellence in an environment that fosters a strong sense of community. Students should be thoroughly prepared through a stimulating and rigorous academic curriculum. In addition, we as educators must help students to learn important social, leadership, and life skills in our own institutions as well as classrooms. We must try to work as a community to encourage each student’s self-realization by increasing his/her knowledge and skills so that he/she may become a productive person and a responsible citizen. In addition, as educators and leaders, we must aide in developing each student’s abilities by assisting him/her in making rational and constructive choices. Through this process, I strongly believe that students will be able to better understand themselves and others.

Every child deserves the right to quality education. As educators, we must strive to offer each student the opportunity to grow at his/her own pace. I am a firm believer that students blossom individually at their own given time. Each child learns differently and develops in different stages. We must look at each student as an individual instead of as a group.

A student’s achievement is interrelated to a teacher’s own desire to teach and their passion for education. We as leaders must make sure that our staff is well-informed and knowledgeable in their area of study. As teachers must have a personal relationship with every student, we too as leaders must form a trusting bond with our staff giving each an equal chance of success. By recognizing our own teacher’s potential and having separate, individual goals for each, a teacher can, in turn, help her students reach a level of academic excellence

As a school administrator, my main priority is the students of my school. Throughout my eleven years as an educator I aim to be fair and just, never wavering from my beliefs. Including the staff, as well as others to be actively involved when making decisions is something I always do. In fact, many great ideas come from collaboration. I have always been aware that change alters many things and disrupts everything. That is why I have made it my business to have staff members aware of every change and informed every step of the way. I have tried to create an environment that fosters trust and builds group and individual efficacy throughout the school system. My honesty has always been my strength throughout my career never attempting to spin the truth in any difficult situation. Throughout most of my career as an administrator and a teacher, I have always lead by example. Along the way, I make sure to build relationships the go beyond the classroom making sure to give credit where credit is due and always acknowledging those that deserve it.

Often as leaders, we forget our days in the classroom and at times we are overwhelmed with tedious paperwork which makes us forget why we are here. I would hope that the current and future educators have decided to teach because of their passion for children, teaching, and their desire to make a difference for future generations.

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