Are Private Schools in Fear of Closing ?

Private Schools Closing is Damaging for Everyone

 The coronavirus pandemic will force the closure of many private schools.  I am not sure how many will close however but let us remember what happened during similar times of financial hardship. Private schools are now forced to cut fees but can not furlough teachers, now many schools are dipping into their reserve cash or endowment funds. Many schools that were already struggling now have their backs against a wall. This will become even more alarming when economic times are hard and families have less money to spare on tuition.

If we loose private and parochial schools we lose the freedom to choose the type of education that we believe is right for our children. Private schooling must not be allowed to just disappear.

Every student should be given an outstanding opportunity to achieve academic excellence

It is my belief that every student should be given an outstanding opportunity to achieve academic excellence in an environment that fosters a strong sense of community. Students should be thoroughly prepared through a stimulating and rigorous academic curriculum. In addition, we as educators must help students to learn important social, leadership, and life skills in our own institutions as well as classrooms. We must try to work as a community to encourage each student’s self-realization by increasing his/her knowledge and skills so that he/she may become a productive person and a responsible citizen. In addition, as educators and leaders, we must aide in developing each student’s abilities by assisting him/her in making rational and constructive choices. Through this process, I strongly believe that students will be able to better understand themselves and others.

Every child deserves the right to quality education. As educators, we must strive to offer each student the opportunity to grow at his/her own pace. I am a firm believer that students blossom individually at their own given time. Each child learns differently and develops in different stages. We must look at each student as an individual instead of as a group.

A student’s achievement is interrelated to a teacher’s own desire to teach and their passion for education. We as leaders must make sure that our staff is well-informed and knowledgeable in their area of study. As teachers must have a personal relationship with every student, we too as leaders must form a trusting bond with our staff giving each an equal chance of success. By recognizing our own teacher’s potential and having separate, individual goals for each, a teacher can, in turn, help her students reach a level of academic excellence

As a school administrator, my main priority is the students of my school. Throughout my eleven years as an educator I aim to be fair and just, never wavering from my beliefs. Including the staff, as well as others to be actively involved when making decisions is something I always do. In fact, many great ideas come from collaboration. I have always been aware that change alters many things and disrupts everything. That is why I have made it my business to have staff members aware of every change and informed every step of the way. I have tried to create an environment that fosters trust and builds group and individual efficacy throughout the school system. My honesty has always been my strength throughout my career never attempting to spin the truth in any difficult situation. Throughout most of my career as an administrator and a teacher, I have always lead by example. Along the way, I make sure to build relationships the go beyond the classroom making sure to give credit where credit is due and always acknowledging those that deserve it.

Often as leaders, we forget our days in the classroom and at times we are overwhelmed with tedious paperwork which makes us forget why we are here. I would hope that the current and future educators have decided to teach because of their passion for children, teaching, and their desire to make a difference for future generations.

Anastasios Koularmanis. “RETURNING TO SCHOOL AFTER COVID-19”

Many parents are asking themselves how they personally can assist in keeping their families safe and healthy when they return to school. ​ The fear of returning back into a confined classroom setting and a packed cafeteria alone would make any parents, teachers, or administrators nervous.  

There are however several actions that communities operating a school or even an after-school program can take when children return in September. 

Here are a few steps many other schools are implementing that can help prevent the spread of infections. 

·      Students should be symptom-free when returning to school. Have each child bring in a new physical form. 

·      Social Distancing by far has seemed to be the trend everywhere we go. There have been recent discussions that even 3 feet apart have the same benefits. 

·      Students should always wear some type of face-covering which does not hinder their breathing.

·      Students should also spend time as much time outdoors as possible. Steady washing of the hands is vital, because it may not be possible to guarantee the 3-6 feet at all times. 

·      Teachers with younger age children should try to remind students not to touch their mouth or nose.

·      Teachers should be the only ones that move between classrooms.

·      Lunch should be held at their desks or in the same classroom setting.

·      Anyone with a fever of 100.4 degrees or greater should not be allowed to attend school.

·      Holding AM/PM sessions for students. This will help with having more room and fewer students in the building at once.

·      All parishes should follow the CDC guidelines regarding disinfecting and sanitizing classrooms and common areas.

As an administrator and educator for over 25 years, it is my opinion that any student that has a high-risk medical condition should continue distance learning. 

Most importantly however I highly recommend that Schools prepare to close again and switch to distance learning if there is a spike in the COVID-19 reported cases.

​ Returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic will definitely be a challenge for many of our Day Schools and Afternoon/Saturday programs however, putting a plan in place can help parents feel more comfortable and help keep our children safe.  

Anstastasios Koularmanis “Greatest Attributes of an Educator”

Every educator that has entered a classroom has altered a child’s life either positively or negatively. It is our duty as educators to motivate students in ascertaining their inner strengths and abilities and discovering what truly inspires them. A great educator must provide a motivating learning environment that encourages students to trust their own opinions while developing confidence in order for them to realize their full potential.  We must find methods of facilitating rather than dictating to be highly efficient in the classroom. Teachers must allow students to construct their own learning experiences rather than creating it for them. 

An efficient teacher should be able to also:

1. Adjust and transform lessons to meet the Common Core Learning   


2. Design and implement integrated, standard-based lessons in various content areas or in their specific area of expertise.

3. Utilize learning centers to compliment child-based, hands-on 


4. Analyze assessment and data to plan lessons based on student needs.

5. Implement differentiated instruction in the classroom to address

   the needs of all learners.

The greatest attribute however of an educator is truly their enthusiasm and love for learning.

Anastasios Koularmanis “The greatest characteristic of an administrator”

The greatest characteristic of an administrator is the ability to naturally lead. They must be creative and able to come up with innovative ideas that staff will by into and be willing to follow throughout the year. Administrators should also be able to connect with people and must have a pleasant personality that works well with a variety of other personalities. Administrators should be approachable which translates into a climate and culture that welcoming.

As a leader, the administrator does his or her best to make informed decisions that will benefit the school and all stakeholders. A school administrator should display characteristics that include planning ahead, having responsibility for the students and educators, and being involved in the daily activities of their building.

Other key characteristics of an excellent administrator include being able to assist in setting standards of excellence for the school district through leading by example. A capable administrator does not demand the commitment to excellence; they construct it from by displaying, willpower, self-discipline, and tenacity. Everyone expects an administrator to be both ethical and communicate a strong vision for the future. I believe that these characteristics build trust, respect, and guarantee the school’s continued success.