Anastasios Koularmanis “The greatest characteristic of an administrator”

The greatest characteristic of an administrator is the ability to naturally lead. They must be creative and able to come up with innovative ideas that staff will by into and be willing to follow throughout the year. Administrators should also be able to connect with people and must have a pleasant personality that works well with a variety of other personalities. Administrators should be approachable which translates into a climate and culture that welcoming.

As a leader, the administrator does his or her best to make informed decisions that will benefit the school and all stakeholders. A school administrator should display characteristics that include planning ahead, having responsibility for the students and educators, and being involved in the daily activities of their building.

Other key characteristics of an excellent administrator include being able to assist in setting standards of excellence for the school district through leading by example. A capable administrator does not demand the commitment to excellence; they construct it from by displaying, willpower, self-discipline, and tenacity. Everyone expects an administrator to be both ethical and communicate a strong vision for the future. I believe that these characteristics build trust, respect, and guarantee the school’s continued success.

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